Sunday, 21 February 2010


Yay! I'm back in one piece and we've had the most fabulous holiday ever ever ever. The weather in Alpe d'Huez was brilliant - a couple of snowy days but otherwise clear skies and the best snow I've seen in 25 years of skiing. Our boarding got much better and despite a few cartwheels down the slopes, we actually got much better and managed a few red runs on the boards this year rather than the greens and blues of last year.

We had lovely people in the chalet although most of them were under the age of 10 - damn the half term break! and the food was fab, accomodation brilliant and staff amazingly helpful. If anyone wants a decent ski or boarding holiday I can thoroughly recommend skiworld's chalet L'escapade in France. I am on an absolute high after such a relaxing time and I've even managed to put on a bit of weight despite 7 hours solid boarding every day.

However, back to reality with a bump today as I got trapped over at Tom's in the snow and had a terrible drive home which resulted in me skidding onto a busy island and then getting wedged half on and half off my drive. I am so not "the stig". I was already shaking like a leaf when i finally got home and then couldn't get up the slope of my drive without skidding all over the place so ended up half on the drive, half on the road and completely blocking the pavement. I had to make an emergency call to Dad to come and dig me out and I ended up hacking at my drive with a spade whilst wearing my pyjamas, wellies and the trusty barbour as I'd literally leapt out of bed at Tom's when I'd seen it snowing again and tried to get home before the worst of the weather closed in. It was an unusual reunion with my neighbours to see me wielding a spade in cat/dog wellies and my pjs. Always glamour round my way.

Tom's at work today so it's back to the grindstone for me too as it's parents' evening two nights next week and I have all my usual planning for lessons, the headship stuff as well as 37 sets of parents to see. I'm shattered just thinking about it.

I also can't wait for our next round of IVF. I've got to wait until day one of my next period and then phone them up to get started on our non medicated round. With any luck then this should be within the next 18 or so days so it's all pretty exciting again. Never happy though as we had such a good time on holiday that I suddenly thought it might be a long time again until I could strap on a board or skis again - hence the 7 hours minimum non stop boarding every day. I did have lots of little daydreams though about tiny tots on skis and boards and happy family holidays. If anything, this holiday was the first ever where I actually relaxed totally and realised that work is just getting ridiculously stressful and is totally not conducive to a happy little me so after this academic year's over then I think I need to start thinking very carefully about looking after myself a bit more and letting Tom take the reins for a while. It's been great being the boss for a while but my quality of life is so poor that I barely have a chance to flick a duster round, let alone see family and friends or have any meaningful social life. The money I'm bringing in doesn't even really warrant the extra stress either as I'm only actually getting an extra £8 per day - I'd be better off getting a paper round!

So, just wanted to pop on and say hello before term takes over again. It's mad at work at the moment and as we didn't appoint at interview then it looks like I'm in the acting role until at least September so can't see me having much time to blog which annoys me as I miss coming on here so much. Thanks for all the messages and e-mails though - I still love hearing from everyone and apologise for my tardiness in replying!

Anyway, it's time to switch off the internet now and pick up my laptop to start doing some proper work again. Dammit. All I want to do is be sliding down a powdery perfect slope on a board with the sun in my face and Tom bombing down next to me. instead I will be holed up in my freezing house banging out reports and typing lesson plans. Yuck. However, I do have the lovely memories of my holiday to keep me going and a middle aged man whispering "Tungsten Filament" into my ear in a crowded bar will no doubt warm those winter cockles. No, it wasn't Tom with a bizarre twist on wooing but was a bloke in our quiz team giving me the answer to a question about light bulbs - it's pure romance in my world! I've also got my Valentine's present to look forward to which is bloomin brilliant. Tom's taking me to Le Manoir again so we can recreate our first-ish date. I only hope I don't wander into the kitchens and get served cheese which has been ripened in a barrel of football sock squeezings like last time.

Will hopefully pop along again soon though.

Lots of love in the meantime