Monday, 3 May 2010

My goodness me!

Well, i never expected such a response so will post it on here after all. Let's just say that the IVF has been successful. It's incredibly early days but I'm definitely pregnant. Have had it confirmed by the hospital and am off there again on Thursday for my second blood test to check my HCG levels are going up.
I'm singlehandedly keeping "Clearblue" in business as I'm doing on of those digital tests every day just to check that the hormone level isn't dropping. I'm currently up to "2-3 weeks" on the conception indicator so it's all good and going up as the other day it was "1-2 weeks". I'm still worried something will happen as apparently IVf babies have quite a high miscarriage rate so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping. If all's well on Thursday then it's a scan about 10 days letter to check on implantation and other bits and bobs.

It was our third transfer - our fresh on at Christmas was a biochemical pregnancy but never got very far and the first forzen embryo didn't work. This was our second frozen embryo transfer and we can pretty much do them back to back because there's no problems with my hormones so they just put one in every few days after each time I've ovulated.

I'm desperately worried something will go wrong but am trying to be tentatively hopeful as this early stage may be the furthest we ever get so we're trying to enjoy it a little bit.

Anyway, reckon this'll be my last proper post for a while but just wanted to say thank you all so much for your support and keep your fingers crossed for me.