Sunday, 11 October 2009

It's all kicking off...

Well, this is just a short one to update with the maddest week of my life so far.

I resigned from my job on Monday but by Saturday morning was headteacher!

I am now the co-head of our primary school and am sharing the role with the other deputy. She can't do it on her own as she doesn't have the NPQH headship qualification (but I do) and I can't do it on my own due to the IVF thing.

So, the governors of the school have decided to make us co-heads until a new one is appointed permanently at Easter. I have a guarantee that if i'm in the midst of IVF and OfSTED come knocking then I can immediately go off on the sick to avoid the stress of it and I get to keep teaching my class as well as having some headship experience.

Tom's thrilled as he knew I didn't really want to give up work as I love it so much and he's happy that I'll be sharing the stress and the role as he knew I couldn't have coped on my own. Mum and dad are really proud that I'm head so early on in my career. (Although 12 years and an additional 5 in training does not seem very early to me, I'm shattered!!!)

The governors were appalled that I felt my only option was to leave and have said they'll support me every step of the way with the IVF and OK any leave or sickness I need to take. The other deputy is one of my best mates so it's the two of us against the world!

Needless to say, I'm absolutely shattered by all the goings on but am so pleased I have something positive to look forward to.

We're off to the passport office on Tuesday to finally rid myself of the weasel's surname and then our IVF appointment is on Thursday so it's all go this week too. Keep your fingers crossed ladies as I feel that that this little road is about to get a bit bumpy and have a few hairpin bends coming up!

Will update again really soon with all the details but it really has been manic over the last few days. I've also scalded my right hand really badly in a fight with an ancient tea urn but that's another story...

Lots of love in the meantime.


P.S It's our "anniversary" on the 21st october and Tom's surprised me with a week away. The link to it's down here. Obviously we couldn't go abroad due to the passport crisis but this looks utterly divine. Pass me my wellies and my barbour, I'm off!! We're going a week on Saturday so I promise I'll update before then. Check out the bath!!!!


  1. So glad to hear you sounding so well & happy!
    That's brilliant news about your new shared Head job, sounds like the perfect solution! I'm sure all will go well on Tuesday & Thursday and will have everything crossed for you.
    Tom/Colin is such a sweetheart to whisk you off to such a gorgeous cottage. The bath & cute window seat ... sigh. Have a ball! You both deserve it.

    Take care, Lovely xxx

  2. lucky old you!! It's great when things just work themselves out. I'm just going through a break up of my 2 year relationship at the minute and I'm finding it very tough. Hopefully there is a tom out there for me too...


  3. Hey honey,

    Good luck with passport office. Very good news about your job. Just remember to take it easy and not get stressed.

    You will only be an hour away from me when you go away. Will keep my fingers crossed for the northern weather for you. That cottage looks gorgeous and see what you mean about the bath - wow ! ! !

    Have a really good time honey.


  4. Oooh the cottage looks lovely Emmy, Kentmere is a beautiful part of the lake district. Nice and secluded, but not too far from civilisation! I grew up not to far away and did loads of walking in the valley, hope you have a fab time!

    I'd reccommend Wilf's Cafe in Staveley for something to eat, and next door is the local brewery so you can sample the amber liquid too.
    The Eagle and Child pub nearby is also v good!

    If you make is as far as Grasmere make sure you sample the local gingerbread, lush!

    dillyboo (ex yayw)

  5. Just wanted to wish you both well for today hun, thinking of you x

    Lisa2410 (yayw)