Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Dear Emma...

Hello me,

I just wanted to write to you to say hello and remind you of your old self. You're currently sitting at your mum and dad's. Your mum is writing Christmas cards and your dad's in the chair reading the paper. Your brother's just texted you from the other side of the world to wish you well and you've received so much support from your friends today. Your lovely Tom has just rung you to tell you he loves you and is on his way home from Birmingham. Your colleagues have been so kind to you today and you told everyone to brace themselves in case you react badly to the drugs.

You've done all your Christmas shopping (except for Tom) and you've had a brilliant day at work getting lots done. Your house is all nice and tidy and you're going for a run later.

I'm telling you this to remind that you are loved, your life is very happy and that if you feel rotten on the drugs and turn into Mrs Shoutycrackers, it's just the drugs not you. If you cry, if you moan, if you shout at Tom, think that no one understands, feel down and hurt and misunderstood, read this and remember the support of today.

Everyone wants you to be well. Everyone wants you to be happy and everyone loves both you and Tom. There is nothing to be scared of in terms of you and Tom, nothing to worry about and everything will be fine, even if you go through the heartbreak of it not working, there are people there who love you

I know you are scared and you are putting on a brave face for everyone but you can cry if you want to. What you're doing IS a scary thing and you don't have to shoulder it on your own. Yes, you might not feel like yourself for a while but think about why you are doing it. You love Tom and you both want a baby and a family so much. You both ARE capable of getting through this and however much it may not feel like it, you will both be fine. Don't push Tom away, if he didn't love you so much, he wouldn't be going through this process.

So my lovely, chin up, we'll meet again when this is all over. I'll be the one holding the smile that might be missing off your face for the next few weeks.

There's nothing you can't tackle our kid.

Take care and I'll see you again soon.



  1. best wishes on everything going well for you and tom. and the letter to yourself is probably a good idea, i know how irrational i get with time of the month, so god knows what that would be magnified with IVF/hormonal drugs.

    big hugs
    liz (z750girl)

  2. joanne30@ntlworld.com24 November 2009 at 14:45

    Oh Emmy I am so pleased they are going ahead with it.

    You're letter to yourself made me teary!

    I have mentioned before (this time last year, in fact) that I was going through marriage problems, my husband left.

    He did come back 6 weeks later and we sorted things out.

    We are now trying for a baby too and nothing is happening, but I suppose I have to give it time!

    Anyway, I am very pleased your job is going well too (even if it is hectic!).

    Sorry if this isn't making much sense, I am shattered!

    Please don't post this on your blog, I wanted to write a message to you but don't want everyone reading it!


  3. Aww bless you Emmy, it's good to hear that your rollercoaster of a life has taken a turn for the better (even if the drugs may make you feel a little grouchy :)). I'm sending you and Tom the very best of luck with the IVF process. If you do feel a little down or snappy and want to let off steam feel free to drop me a line I'd be happy to lend an ear.
    Take care and again the very best of luck.
    kirsty xx