Friday, 27 November 2009

I am not having a heart attack...

Instead, I am having a revolting chest infection.

Well, seems like my brief brush with the IVF drugs side effects appears to have been an illusion/false alarm. I woke up this morning with the worst sore throat and a terrible cough. My chest sounds like a pair of old bellows and I make Mariella Frostrup's voice sound like silken honey. So, did I stay in bed, cover myself in goose fat and collapse in front of endless episodes of Jeremy Kyle?


I did what every person would do whilst pumped full of IVF drugs and feeling like crap... I took 60 kids to the cinema!

Have spent the day wading through popcorn and trying not to cough too loudly. We went to see Disney's "A Christmas Carol" as we're studying the book in class at the moment. I'm actually quite glad because it gave me the best laugh I've had in ages. It was just getting to a really scary, tense part of the film and the music was all creepy and ominous, just before Marley's ghost comes out. It was at this point that the devil got into me and I leant forward and tapped one of the boys in front of me on the shoulder. My god it was so funny, he almost leapt out of his skin! He's the school hard case and he must have shot up about three feet in the air. One of the teaching assistants and I were in stitches. The lad took it in good sport though and just huffed at me, rolled his eyes and moved further down the row out of the way of my mischief. I'm sure it's not in the "guide to good teaching" but it certainly made me almost cry laughing.

We had a fab day out though and the film was amazing. What was not so amazing was 60 kids high on a tonne of sugary popcorn for the rest of the afternoon when we got back. It was like trying to nail eels to a table trying to get any work out of them. My colleague and I gave up in the end and took them outside for an extra bit of PE to try and wear them out at bit. It was like the lot of them were wired up to the mains.

Am now currently at mum and dad's again! Am on their sofa being fed paracetamols and cups of tea whilst I wait for Tom to get back from London. He's been away down there all day and left at 5am, so today's brush with the needle was done solo again.

Actually today was not a great success. After thinking I was getting better at opening the packets of syringes and needles, I discovered that it's like plate spinning... you get one thing sorted and another thing goes wrong.

Today's bodge was when I went to undo the special pen jabby thing that you put the syringe inside. It's held together with a kind of spring mechanism a bit like a clicky biro. I was just trying to hold the cotton wool down on my bleeding leg after the jab when I decided to try and undo the clicky pen thing. What a stupid idea. Only I could try and open a piece of spring loaded medical equipment with one hand whilst my legs bleeds and I am wearing nothing at all except a wet towel on my head. The result was that the thing exploded in a shower of bits of plastic and I ended up with some kind of bullseye scenario when the syringe and needle shot out, flipped over in the air and landed, needle down, in my knee! I then had to sort of continue to stop the bleeding on my other leg, grab the towel that was making a break for freedom over my eyes and blinding me and pull the needle out of my kneecap. All whilst naked. I must have looked fabulous.

I am also shattered because we went to see Jools Holland last night. I don't know what got into me but somehow I managed to fall asleep in front of a 20 piece swing band - oops. Tom assures me I was pleasant but rather quiet company and, after accidentally kicking my bottle of water off the edge of the balcony, we decided it was probably best to call it a night and we sneaked off home. I was so tired I don't even remember getting into bed.

Have got a bit of a rubbish weekend lined up though. Was meant to be going to Tom's work's do but after the consultant laid it on thick about how ill I was going to be, we cancelled my place. However, I feel fine. Oh the irony!

Anyway, my lovely boy is due home any minute so I'll say bye for now.
Thanks again for all your lovely comments.


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  1. Make the most of the quiet weekends, once you have your little nipper those will be few and far between! xxxx