Friday, 4 September 2009

Calling all medics - emergency, emergency!!!!

Right, slight panic here folks...

I am meant to have a load of extra blood tests before the next stage of IVF. As I mentioned in my previous post, Tom hasn't phoned the hospital to confirm anything.

my bloomin period has just started and I'm meant to have some hormone function tests between days 2 to 4 of my cycle. this therefore means either tomorrow, sunday or monday.

problem is, I don't know whether they should be on my first full cycle after my operation or whether I should go in now???!!!!

On the blood bags I've been given it says they are testing for...
hiv, hep bc, hormone profile fsh lh

I just don't know whether I need to go in this month or next month and I can't get hold of anyone to ask until monday. Shit.

So, if I miss the tests I don't know if this will slow down the IVF process or indeed if my surgery will have affected the outcome of the tests.

AAAAAAAAAggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tom's in bloomin France, my mum and dad are in Spain and my brother's off to London first thing tomorrow - my best mate's up north for the weekend and I can't really talk about it with my flippin grandad, he won't know what to do!

So, if any of you lovely people can shed any light onto whether i should go for the tests on Monday or over the weekend or wait for another month then I'd be really grateful.

I am in full on panic and freakout mode here.



  1. Sorry, i'm not Anonymous, I just can't figure out how else to post this! I'm Heather (also Dec 07Bride)
    I think maybe you should go for the tests, it can't do any harm can it? and If you get there on Monday and they say you're not meant to have them til next month, you've not lost anything as such, but if you wait til next month, you'll be wondering if you should have gone this month, and if you are, you'll kick yourself. stop panicking but Go!

  2. Hi Emmy

    Just spoke to hubby and he suggests ringing NHS Direct to ask them. He dosn't know the exact details (and doesn't want to give you incorrect information and stuff it up), but suggests ringing them. If you want to email me, please feel free to do so I may not be able to help, but we can always try.

    Look after yourself.

    Love & hugs
    Rita R

  3. I wouldn't have thought that your surgery will affect the outcome of those particular blood tests. If you do miss the tests I suspect they wouldn't start IVF until they've been done properly (ie on the days specified) so that may delay the tests.
    What you could do is phone the ward - either the ward you were on or (if it was the LRI) try ward 1 which will be open at the weekend. You can ask the nurse or get them to bleep the on call Dr and ask them, then phone you back and let you know.
    If no joy then I would go in for the tests this weekend, or even better Monday - as more people will be around to potentially ask then.
    hope this helps.... Please bear in mind though that am no expert on gynae stuff - apart from my own problems in that area it's been a while since I did gynae!
    Mary xxx

  4. Sorry Emmy I have absolutely no idea - maybe try calling NHS direct??

  5. Oh gosh Emmy sorry i have only just seen this,

    Go in for your bloods on Monday - CD4 right?
    They always specify CD3 to me but when its one either side it really doesnt matter. This is your first of many of these tests :-) Most of them wont have been affected by your surgery as they are measuring levels for quality of hormone etc.
    You will probably need another test on CD21 to see if you ovulated as well, although my clinic never did this because i always did.

    Good luck - i suspect that when you get your next period they will put you on birth control so then you have another month before starting injections