Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Ding ding round two...

Well, what a rather poorly little bee I've been. I am officially on the list of the Midlands' poorliest people. After taking the kids to the cinema on Friday, I crawled into bed and pretty much didn't get up until Monday afternoon. I've had it all; burning temperature, hacking cough, tearing sore throat, the shakes, aching all over and the most revolting amount of snot you could ever experience. Strangely though, I've not had a single side effect from the IVF drugs! I'm actually breezing through the whole treatment up to now and have responded correctly to the first round of drugs almost to the very hour. I can't actually believe that something appears to be going right for once.

However, as is the way in my life, there has been a slight mishap elsewhere. I can't remember whether I posted about this when it happened but it has developed a little further recently and so I'll give you a little run down...

I am currently working my way up to becoming a monk. Well, not exactly in the sense of living in a monastery and wearing a brown smock, but I am going bald.



I had a small incident with my hair colour the other week and things have gone from bad to worse. I've been colouring my hair with a full head colour from my natural dark blonde to my current very light blonde with a high lift tint pretty much since ST left. It was kind of, "I'm going to colour that man right out of my hair" and I loved it so I stuck with it. My colour doesn't contain any peroxide as I'm naturally quite fair so why this has happened is a mystery to me and my colourist.

We put a colour on a few weeks ago and it turned out a bit more orangey than usual. We'd used the same colour as usual for the same amount of time but it still had a bit of a tango glow. I said I'd wash it a few times and see how it went but unfortunately it didn't get any better and I still had a satsuma head. So, we redid it to try and lift it a little. However, when we came to rinse it off, it snapped off in great big chunks around the crown at about 2 inches from the root which is weird cause we didn't even colour any more than 1/2 an inch either time. I now have a bizarre bob haircut which is now the correct colour but around the crown has a strange duck-tuft sticky up pineapple effect in about a 5 inch ring. This is now compounded by the fact that the colour is now growing out so I have a delightful two tone duck bum pineapple effect.

I am lush.

I am sleeping in deep conditioning treatments and leaving sticky oily patches on the back of the settee and on anything my head touches. I reek of coconut oil and it's still snapping off in tufts every day. You see, nothing ever goes completely smoothly. My colourist says I can't do anything with it until it settles down a bit so I am stuck with the crazy double dippy duck bum do for a little while yet. It's so bad that even the kids are commenting on it at school and ordinarily I could turn up with an actual pineapple on my head and they wouldn't notice.

So, I'm coughing up lumps of vile things, jabbing needles in my leg every day and walking round with a coiff that is usually spotted on a mallard. I can definitely say that I have looked better.

So, I just thought I'd update inbetween slathering gallons of oil on my head and swallowing gallons of night nurse. I'm off to the hospital on Friday for my baseline scan and blood tests to double check that I've responded to the Suprecur drug and then it's onto round two which is the next set of hormones to stimulate egg production. Wahooooo - more bloomin injections! Tom is still in the brace position awaiting me turning into a hormonal lunatic but as yet, as my mum so kindly put it, "I've never seen you so bloomin chipper!" So, all good so far so if nothing else, I have had it confirmed that I can respond well to synthetic hormones - now there's something to pad out your CV...

Anyway, will nip off now; I have an appointment with a bucket of conditioner and a handful of lockets.

Thanks again for all the e-mails and messages etc. I check every day and they really do spur me on.



  1. oooh I think that's what I call an "Edd the duck" hairstyle! I have it too....from over straightening! I tend to stick it down with lip gloss...

    Anyway good luck for Friday, I have everything crossed for you!

    Joanne xxx

  2. Hi Emmy,glad to hear you haven't turned into a monster yet! I'm sure your hair will sort itself out muchos soon,if not,there's always a selection of fashionable hats to be had... :-)

    Spittingfairy YAYW x

  3. Hi, was thinking of you today, hope it went ok!
    xx Joanne