Sunday, 26 July 2009

I'm sat here bawling my eyes out....

Tom is such a cutie. We were listening to his i-pod the other day and he mentioned a song which he says always reminds him of me. Just looked it up on you-tube and I'm in floods of tears. Here's the link but be warned that you may need a tissue.

Can't believe anyone would actually think of me in this way. I'm utterly lost for words and am just a snivelling wreck. God, I love that man.

(you'll need to copy and paste the link- oh and don't watch the karaoke style lyrics on the screen, they're so annoying! I minimised the screen so I didn't have to see them!)


  1. Where did you find such a bloomin lovely bloke, Emmy?!

    So lovely - I'm not surprised that it made you cry. Anymore news on the wedding discussions - do you think Tom is planning something?

    I do hope so!!!!

    C xxxxxx

  2. Aww that is such a lovely song! And a lovely lovely man you have x

  3. thats so lovely. you are one lucky lady!! x

  4. *sniff* he's a keeper xx