Thursday, 30 July 2009

It's the end of the world....

Well, Ok, I exaggerate a little. (A lot actually) But today has been the scene of a terrible incident.
My usual hairdresser (who's a mate of mine) is on holiday so I went to a different salon.

Error, error, error of biblical proportions.

I only had my roots done so there's been no colour put on any hair that's further away from my scalp than 1cm. However, my hair goes very very very very blonde in the sun (Estonian genes for you!) and unfortunately, the new hairdresser has matched up the roots with the sun-bleached hair.

I have the same hairstyle as a tiny tears doll.

I resemble a plastic babydoll.

I have synthetic hair.

I look hideous.

If I put on a hat or thick hairband it looks fine as it's only the roots which look odd but needless to say, I have had better hair days.

Jo took five minutes to stop laughing and my dad just went "jeeeesus" as I walked in. My mum, ever the diplomat, asked "why on earth have you gone that blonde?"

Oh god, pass me a bandana, I'm going into hiding until Claire (my hairdresser) gets back from Turkey on Sunday.

More proof that someone up there is having a good old laugh at my expense!!!

Will update soon from the back of a cupboard or an underground bunker with no mirrors.


P.S For those of you who are not familiar with the styling of "tiny tears", here's a link to a photo of her - my new double...

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