Sunday, 19 July 2009

Nice day for a white wedding!

Well, I'm back from my hols and it's been very very eventful so I'll leave the major update untill another time.

For those of you who haven't seen my brother's official wedding pics, I've included a few from my mum's camera on here.

Just so you know who's who...
The ones in my mum's kitchen are my brother, Tom and one of my brother's oldest friends who was also an usher.

The blonde family are my cousins and auntie and uncle on my Estonian side along with our lovely Estonian Grandad - he's 87!!! My two boy cousins are only 19 and 21 and on 29th August they're playing in Estonia's first ever international rugby match against an England side - it's the England deaf squad! Both of them were in the Leicester Tigers academy and the younger one, the one on the far left, still plays semi pro and is starting at Loughborough Uni this year on a rugby scholarship so we're really proud. Their little sister in the red dress is only 15 - can you believe it!!!! They're all so gorgeous and so tall that I feel like the runt of the litter when I'm stood with them - hence no pictures of us all together, I'm only 5'3" and they're both well over six foot so I look like a dwarf. I can't believe I used to change their nappies and spoon feed them when they were tiny little babies. I'm so proud of them getting their place in the Estonian team; it now means they can put international caps next to their names when they play for their English clubs and I know my Grandad is bursting with pride that his grandsons are playing for his country.
The guy with my dad is his identical twin brother and the guy dancing with my brother is our cousin who is the son of Dad's twin. I always think it's uncanny how much he looks like my little bro. Guess they've got the same genetic dad really!
There's also one of the bus which transported everyone from the hotel to the church to the marquee and back to the hotel again as Jo's family are all from London so we thought they'd get lost on all the country roads so laid on a London bus for them. It was a real hit apparently!
Anyway, hope you like the photos; I've put the link on to the official ones again.
Lots of love.


  1. Wonderful Pictures :-)
    It looks like a very happy day and done beautifully xxx

  2. Looks like a beautiful day, I've never been to a marquee wedding, but they always look so romantic.
    It's just lovely to see Tom and you smiling. What a difference a year makes xx

  3. Thanks for sharing the pictures. It looks like a beautiful day with lots of happy faces :)

    Welcome home, hope you had a ball! Can't wait to hear the major news. Spill!