Wednesday, 5 August 2009

advice please!

So, for those with any knowledge of diet and nutrition, your opinions on my current diet would be much appreciated. Here's a sample of my current eating...


Breakfast: one bowl of fruit and fibre with semi skimmed milk. Herbal tea

Lunch: low cal, low salt ready meal of cheese and tomato pasta bake (420 cals) topped up with some fresh boiled spinach and a handful of cherry tomatoes. Mullerlight yoghurt

Dinner: low cal, low salt ready meal of chick pea and veg curry (370 cals) topped up with more spinach

Snacks; small banana, handful of dried mango

Daily treat; 2 "celebrations" chocolates

Drinks: Herbal tea and loads of water

Not sure if this is "balanced" enough or too much or too little to lose weight. I don't really eat much meat so I usually try and eat lots of nuts and seeds for protein as well as milk but obviously can't have too much of these as they're pretty high in calories. So, am eating lots of "pulses" (poor Tom!)

Any thoughts on diets that work would be very much appreciated!

I'm also doing a minimum of 1 hour cardio per day - usually a combination of running, stepper, rowing machine and that weird "side steppy" thing at the gym.

Cheers my lovelies!



  1. Hi Emma

    I am currently trying to lose weight but have a lot more to lose than you.
    In 4 weeks I will have lost 9lbs. (weigh day is Fri morning and that was this mornings weight so fingers crossed it will be the same on Fri)
    Your diet seems ok to me but as you have so little to lose you will have to be patient.
    Even though you are doing cadio you must remeber muscle weighs more than fat and I advise you to measure yourself as you could be losing inches rather than weight.
    Just be careful with the ready meals!!

    Good luck

    P.s. I always think you look tiny in your pictures ;o)

  2. I really would recommend the diet advertised on the YAYW site as it is tailored according to what you want - I was like you, wanting to lose just a little weight and tone up a bit, so I think it would be perfect for you.

    Here you go:

    Mrs Salsaspin x

  3. A bit late in advising but i would say if this day is typical you are lacking in protein a little bit.
    Try and avoid the ready meals, however much they say low salt, low fat they still have an amount of rubbish in them. You would be better of with some chicken and veggies if possible.
    Like Deb has said you have very little to lose anyway and look tiny so be patient it will come off :)

  4. Hihun.

    You sent me the link to this from YAYW.

    Have you had your thyroid checked recently?

    I got like that, exercising every day and eating well and couldn't lose weight.

    Turns out I have an underactive thyroid.

    If you want to talk a bit more about it - email me