Tuesday, 25 August 2009

I'm out

Just wanted to let you know that I was discharged this morning and it's all good news. My tubes are now clear and there's a chance I can conceive normally but there's still an extremely high chance of ectopic pregnancy so they're proceeding with the IVF to start next month.

I'm very bruised and battered and had to stay in overnight in the end as they had to cut away a lot more scar tissue from my botched operation and subsequent infections than they first thought- in fact, apparently it's as far up and far along as my liver and kidneys so no wonder I'm in so much pain all the time.

I have four cracking wounds and so look a little like a human sieve at the moment - my days of brazilians, bikinis and crop tops are most definitely over but guess it's a small price to pay if it does mean that we can have our own family.

I feel wretched though and am on enough drugs to keep both Gallagher brothers in a coma for a month! I'm also filled with 1.5L of a special fluid to prevent any further adhesions so I look six months pregnant already according to my mum.

So, thanks to all of you who emailed me good luck and well wishes. I feel bloomin awful but I'm alive and in one piece!



  1. Thats brilliant news you certainly desreved some good news for once.
    Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery, then you can get on with the baby making ;o)
    x x x x

  2. Well done Emmy and glad you are home in one piece...

    I had a c-section five months ago and really did feel like I would never be the same again, but you soon start to feel yourself again, I promise! Anyway, who wants to wear cropped tops? :-)

    Fingers crossed that all will go well for you now - we're all going to start sprinkling baby dust in your direction just now!!!

    lots of love C xxxxxx

  3. Hope you're feeling better soon Emmy, fab news about your clean pipes and all the best with TTC.

    love M&B2b x x

  4. The wounds will settle down, and be pretty much invisible eventually so don't worry about bikinis. When they've healed up you can start massaging them with something like E45 which will help them settle (I am a Dr, so do know about this stuff)
    Just take it easy, and I'm glad you're OK.
    Mary x