Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Dresses and dramas...

Well, what a busy little bee I've been over the last 24 hours. Have embarked on "Project Wedding Fairy".

As I mentioned before, I have decided to give my wedding dress from my wedding to ST to the most deserving bride I can find. I want to give it to someone who never in a million years thought they'd get a £1200+ dress and who will love it forever. I want it to have a second chance at being loved and cherished as I do kind of feel sorry for it all lonely in my wardrobe. (That does not sound any more sane saying it a second time...)

I have posted it on every Gumtree site within a 100 mile radius of me and have also posted on YAYW as well as in my local press. So, I've been busy dealing with all of the enquiries - most of which unfortunately seem to be from complete scammers and rip off merchants who want to make money off the back of it. Bloomin cheek.

My advert reads like this...

"Well, here's a fab offer for you ladies!

I have in my wardrobe a Maggie Sottero Rosemary Leigh wedding dress in light gold which I wore to my wedding in December 2007. I tried selling it on ebay but no takers. Unfortunately, despite my beautiful wedding, my husband decided after 12 weeks (yes, 12 weeks!) that he no longer wanted to be married and disappeared. I have not seen him since.

The dress is not "jinxed" in any way. It is in pristine condition (although it does need a clean) and is complete with pettitcoat, hoop and the detachable full length sleeves. It was gorgeous to wear, really comfy and got so much admiration and appreciation on the day. I'd love someone else to feel as good as I did in it.

it's perfect for winter or summer weddings as can be worn either with the sleeves or as a strapless dress.

it says size US size 4 but I believe this is a Uk 8/10 and so would fit a UK 6, 8,10 or a small 12 (small waist as it's a corset back). I'm just under 5'4 and wore 2 1/2 inch heels.
It cost 1250 pounds originally from Bradgate Brides in Anstey

If there's more than one taker, I'll go on the basis of "most love for the dress", "most in need of a visit from the dress fairy godmother" and anyone who is genuinely in need of a helping hand getting a "Maggie Sottero bargain"

Please do not contact me unless you are a genuine bride in need of some help as I will not release the dress to anyone who I think is just looking to make a quick buck selling it on or who is trying to fleece or scam me in any way; or who is perfectly capable of buying their own dress and so will do someone who is desperate out of a chance to get a dream dress. I just want this dress to have a second chance and go to someone who will truly love it on their wedding day and cherish it forever.

Lots of love,

P.S Just in case anyone's worried - I'm very happy now and things have actually turned out for the best; guess things happen for a reason!"

So, a, currently weeding out the con artists from the genuine brides and trying to work out how to give it to someone. Not an easy task.

I am also completely gutted as it turns out that our tickets for V Festival this weekend were dodgy and so we can't go. What's even more galling is that we bought some a few months ago which turned out to be dodgy and so bought a second lot from a different vendor so have been conned not once but twice! So, gone is our lovely weekend of bouncing around to happy tunes and boozing and now I have the lovely alternative which my mum suggested today - she said, "Oh well, at least you can do the car boot sale with me on Sunday morning". Great. Four hours in a field, hanging out the rear of my mum's volvo whilst haggling over second hand leggings. deep joy.

Tom's away tonight and so it seems are all of my mates so I'm off round to my brother's for a BBQ. They got back from a camping trip today and are apparently addicted to charcoal and can't face packing the grill back in the garage so it's bangers all round tonight. Am not boozing though as I've got a work meeting tomorrow and need to be on the ball rather than on the floor.

Am actually bored half to death today- the wedding dress giveaway is keeping me busy but I hat it when everyone's away and I have nothing but my own company; I end up driving myself nuts by starting "projects" that i never finish. For example, my lounge is carpeted in unfinished ironing, the conservatory is full of painting equipment from me finishing the kitchen the other day and the loft looks like it's exploded after I began "mission sort out" and then got bored halfway through. Needless to say that all that, twinned with the fact that my brother and Jo are storing loads of stuff at my house means that I feel as if I'm living in a John Lewis storage hangar as oppose to a house!

So, I suppose I'd better sign off and get my backside into gear before I just give up, stick an "open" sign on my front door and sell the lot!


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  1. Hi Emmy

    Thanks for sending this new link through, have finally read your enitre blog.....phew! Hope you've found a deserving owner for your dress and have weedled out the scammers. You've motivated me to get mine out and get it cleaned (and hopefully sold!).....have been trying to get the grubby marks out of the bottom (and the few glasses of wine I threw down it while throwing shapes on the dance floor!) and have just dragged a very wet Maggie from the bath to the's now whirring around in the washing machine....fingers crossed it doesn't come out Barbie size!!

    All the very best for Monday...will be thinking positive thoughts for you.

    Pippa xxx