Thursday, 27 August 2009


Just wanted to say that I officially feel like crap.

Think the adrenalin's worn off and I am now proper bored of lying around and having a distended stomach which gives me the same physique as my father! He argues that he rather enjoyed getting his very large tum as it was crafted from years of beer and food. Mine is simply crafted out of hurty stuff.

Hardly slept at all and kept having really weird half dreamy half hallucinatory dream type things where I was convinced I was awake but was actually dreaming. All very odd and guess it's the drugs.

Have got a lady coming today to try my wedding dress on too to see if it's the right one for her. I really do hope it is as she seems such a nice girl. I've got about three other equally lovely ladies also waiting in the wings to try it on if it doesn't fit her so I've got some quite nice things to look forward to.

Am still in a lot of pain today and my tummy kills me if I laugh, sneeze, cough or try and take a really deep breath so guess the gym's out of the question for a while! Just out of interest though, I know a lot of "medics" read this blog so if they could let me know when would be sensible to start exercising again and when I'd be allowed back in the gym I'd be really grateful. My mum did say yesterday though that she'd "bloody slap me if she finds me anywhere near that rowing machine!"

I've also got some work colleagues coming round today to sort out some stuff for going back to school next week. i was meant to be meeting them at work but as I still can't even get in my car (let alone drive it) I'm going to have to have them here instead. I'm actually a bit worried about whether I'll be fit enough to be running a school and teaching a class in less than 5 days - maybe my medic readers can fill me in on that bit too...

Anyway, just wanted to have a tiny little winge and feel an incey wincey bit sorry for myself. Right, socks firmly pulled back up now, words had with myself and so it's onwards and upwards with another day of impersonating Humpty Dumpty.


P.S and another thing... How weird is daytime TV? Watched a programme yesterday where Ben Fogle was involved in electronically w*nking a rhino for a zoo IVF programme. The mind boggles.


  1. I'm no medic but I had a c section and I was told 6 weeks with no heavy lifting or excercise if that helps

    Deb x

  2. Hey Emmy,

    Just caught up with your blog. Fantastic as ever. I didnt realise that you knew the outcome already. Its brilliant to hear that everything looks ok. Even happier now :-) Hope you managed to get a better nights sleep.

    Get well soon.
    Gill xxxx

  3. Depends what exactly they've done but 6 weeks is a pretty good estimate. Be guided by how you feel in going back to school. If you feel up to it and not too sore then try it - if not then don't!
    Take care,
    Mary x

  4. Hi Emmy, been away for the weekend (and got a DVT in my leg for the pleasure!), so only just catching up with you.

    Hubby is a doctor and he reckons 6 weeks. With regards to going back to work it should certainly be several weeks I would think. Ususally you can't drive for 6 weeks post operatively. Might be worth giving your GP a ring to check what he thinks.

    Please don't do what I;ve just done and driven 130 miles with a really sore leg, ankle & foot (lovely fat leg it is too!). It's a really bad idea and I only did it as an emergency (and with lots of pain killers.) Take care of yourself. Email me if you want me to check anything with hubby.

    Love & hugs
    Rita R