Sunday, 23 August 2009

Crikey, it's tomorrow!


Deep breaths.

Nice and slow.


Take it easy.

It'll all be fine.

You will get over the shock of doing another car boot sale...

yes, my lovely travellers, it IS my operation tomorrow but I have been far more traumatised by another not so fruitful day at the car boot than tomorrow's game of "hunt the ovary". There doesn't seem to be anything more infuriating that someone haggling with you over a brand new ikea lampshade which you only priced at 30p in the first place. Oh yes there is. THE most annoying thing is a man in a van on the pitch opposite you who is selling bumper packets of nobby's nuts and toilet rolls. There are only so many gags about "big nut bags" and references to toilets that a girl can take in a morning. It didn't help that the stallholder was a vile racist who was mean to everyone who wasn't blonde and fair skinned. He even said such disgusting things as "come and get your toilet paper, every colour but it's only the white that get's sh*t on" and "I prefer the birmingham Pak*s, at least they can speak english". His comments were also directed at anyone who looked a bit hard up with such choice phrases as "cash your dole cheques and crisis loans here love!". God he was a pig. 5 hours of listening to that rubbish - i almost kicked him in his Nobby's nuts and smothered his something "soft, strong and not very long".

Anyway, me and my mum, along with my brother managed to shift over £150 of unwanted but fab quality stuff. Will had loads of stuff from his big building project when they'd "staged" each room so some people got some amazing bargains. I also did a celebratory little dance when i sold my wedding tiara and a load of those "good luck" things that they give you after the ceremony. I even sold a spare guest book that I still had lying around and a load of stationery stuff from making the invites etc. I shall buy myself something fabulous with it and enjoy every moment of it whilst sticking two fingers up in ST's general direction.... if I knew where on earth that was.

I am also aching like mad after an X Factor session in the gym. I had a brilliant time last night. there was absolutely nobody but me in there and so I plugged into the machines and laughed my backside off at the new style X factor; a little dangerous though as once again I almost shot off the back of the treadmill - I think I need the equivalent of some baby reins or some sort of strap to keep me on it. i know it's only a matter of time before I end up flying off the back like some sort of sweaty superhero in reverse.

Speaking of superheroes, Tom's been a darling over the last few days. I've felt OK about going into hospital for my op but have had a couple of days where I've just felt a bit "quiet". He's just either left me to gorge on crappy sky tv or has given me lots of cuddles and listened to my not very sensible or coherent worries.

We were actually meant to be at V festival this weekend too but unfortunately our tickets turned out to have been bought from a dodgy dealer so we're stuck at home and car booting and gyming. My mum nearly got the float round her chops today when she said, "did you see the killers at V? they were amazing!" Cheers mum.

Good news though - i think I may have found the perfect lady for my frock. I shan't say too much but she knows who she is and she should be coming down next weekend sometime to try it on. I shan't say who she is at the moment but hopefully i can get to make someone smile with it and know that it's going to someone bloomin lovely.

Anyway, might not be able to update for a while; it depends how the op tomorrow goes and how well I feel after it. At least I'll have a clearer picture though of what's going on and what my chances of IVF success are.

So, keep your fingers crossed for me in the meantime and I'll update again as soon as poss. Oh, and if you see a man in a van full of Nobbby's nuts, feel free to ram the loser off the road.

Lots of love,



  1. Best of luck for tomorrow fingers crossed everything goes well x

  2. Emmy

    Just wanted to wish you loads of luck for tomorrow - if there is any justice in the world, it'll all be fine and you can get a move on with the baby making!!!!

    We'll all be thinking of you tomorrow and look forward to hearing from you..

    lots of love

  3. Hi Emmy

    I was just thinking about you adn your op tomorrow. I hope it all goes well and that you won't feel too vile afterwards. Sending love & hugs

    Rita R

  4. Good Luck with your op! Hope everything goes well, and look forward to hearing from u!

  5. Kirsten Dunsmore25 August 2009 at 01:15

    Best of luck! I hope you get a fantastic result from the op, and hear the pitter patter of tiny feet soon :)