Tuesday, 8 December 2009

OK panic over...

Kittymama, I was worried too; you seem to have read my mind!

When the fertility nurse gave me my theatre and drug schedule there were notices all over the clinic to say that the last theatre dates were the 21st December. I must have asked her twenty times to confirm that the transfer would not be in theatre as I was panicking that someone had overlooked the fact that I might be all primed with fertilised embryos but everyone packed up and gone home for Christmas before my transfer date!

I also must have chewed Tom's ear off a million times about the fact it's only two days between harvesting and transfer so I finally gave in today and phoned the clinic AGAIN! (They must be so sick of me.)

Apparently 5 days is for blastocyst transfer only and they're not going to grow mine to blastocyst stage this round - why I don't know. 3 Days is the norm and apparently I have a clinic slot booked for either 23rd December transfer or if they're not mature enough, they'll do it on the 24th. I've being "harvested" (yuck) in the first theatre slot at 7.45am on the 21st to give plenty of time for them to mature before the afternoon of the 23rd. If they're not ready, I'll be being implanted just as everyone clocks off for Christmas and on my actual Estonian Christmas day. Nothing's ever simple is it???

I do feel better today though and already feel a little brighter. It must have been a lot of that flu getting me down. I am going to bed at between 8.30 and 9pm in the evening at the moment so I have the social life of a 7 year old. Rock and roll.

Lovely Tom came home last night with a big box of Lindt Lindor White chocolates (my fave) as he's been so worried about me over the last few days and to wish me luck for the start of my Menopur injections. He is so lovely but still can't bear to be in the same room as me when I inject; if he's around he sort of shouts encouragement from behind the door!

Gosh that was tricky though with those new drugs! I felt like some sort of amateur mad scientist as I had to mix three little bottles of powder with one little bottle of water then switch needles and inject. My coffee table looked like Dumbledore's lab. I now have two cases of drugs, needles and sharps bins and all my remaining drugs are being delivered to work tomorrow. Everyone in the office is on red alert as some of it has to be refrigerated as soon as it arrives so it would be just my luck for my delivery to get dumped with the pile of newly delivered photocopy paper and forgotten about. So, the office team is primed and briefed and ready to swing into action as soon as all my drugs arrive so that I can make a dash for the fridge and wedge in the Pregnyl drug alongside everyone's lunch. Hormone sandwich anyone???

Oh, big news too...

I'm brunette! Well, actually I am now officially a mouse as I have ditched the blonde and gone to more of a dark ash blonde which is more my natural colour. So, I have kissed goodbye to the high lift tint and embraced the lowlights. Will try and post a pic soon but I still look so ropey from my cold that I am avoiding all photographic opportunites until my face stops looking as if someone has grated my lips and nose. Nice.

Anyway, just wanted to vent my over anxious brain again on here. Thanks Kittymama for giving me the excuse to contact the clinic again. I really have been stewing over it! You're a star.

Love to everyone in the meantime.



  1. So glad things are sorting themselves out for you - and welcome to the world of the Brunette! We have far more fun anyway!

    Keep posting - we're all here rooting for you.

    Much love


  2. Hi Emmy

    Sorry I haven't posted for so long. My dad died and I've been rather caught up with all of that.

    Anyway, I wanted to say that from watching my sister go through IVF all those years ago, it WILL get better. Don't beat yourself up about how you are feeling, it's only normal.

    As for the date, try and look at it as a way of making 21 December a better memory day in your life. ST doesn't deserve to have that power over you (I know that's easier said than done). This is the start of a whole new pahse of your lofe witht the lvoely Tom.

    Love & hugs to you.

    Rita R

  3. You're right about nothing ever being simple, I got confused reading about it!

    Can't wait to see you brunette!

    Hope you're feeling better after your cold!

    Joanne x