Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Unlucky for some...

But not for me - we have 13 embryos!!!!!!


The hospital rang earlier to say that 20 of the 21 eggs they harvested were suitable for injection and that they had injected the 20 and left them overnight. This morning, 13 of the little beauties were fertilised. This means that technically, although in a petri dish on the other side of town, I am a mum to an entire football team including subs.

Tom's absolutely over the moon as he was convinced none would work due to his antisperm antibody problem and the embryologist says we're the talk of the lab as it's so unusual to get so many mature eggs and then so many embryos from ICSI. We are champion embryo makers!

Anyway, I'm scheduled to have the embryo transfer at 10.30am tomorrow and then it's the agonising 2 week wait until we know it's taken. The embryologist said that it's about a 1 in 4 chance of it working so we're not holding out much hope. I also almost fell over when she said that although they'll only be putting back one embryo, there's still a one in ten chance it'll split to form identical twins as we have twins in the family and my dad's an identical twin. Scary stuff.

Speaking of my dad, he never ever ever ever gets emotional about anything but apparently after I got off the phone to mum to tell her about the embryos and she told my dad, he cried.
My lovely, tough as old boots, absolutely iron dad had a few tears at our embryo news. God knows what he'll be like if it works!

Anyway, will update tomorrow after more procedures and for goodness sake, please please please start sending sticky dust my way.



  1. Sending you a ton of sticky dust for Christmas! Good Luck my lovely! X

  2. Sticky baby dust sent! Good luck!
    Mary x

  3. Tonnes and tonnes of sticky dust isheading your way and I have everything crossed for you.

    Just imagine if it takes what a start to the new year that would be

    Take care and best wishes to you both x x x

  4. I'm flinging the sticky dust over your way now!!!

    Joanne x

  5. Emmy... I will check how everything goes tomorrow... im so pleased you have plenty of eggs... wooo hooo :)

    All the best


  6. Fingers crossed....you deserve this so much. xx