Monday, 21 December 2009

You don't look a day over 21......

Just to let you know ladies that the surgery went fine today. Will update in a bit more detail tomorrow but feel a bit out of it still today.
Apparently they got 21 eggs.


twenty bloody one!

No wonder i was feeling a bit ropey. I heard the lady next door only got 13 and the woman the other side just two.

I am officially twenty one!!!!!!

My eggs are currently in the hands of the embryologists and we'll hear tomorrow by half eleven whether any have fertilised at all so fingers crossed.

I am still laughing about what happened when Tom had to produce his "sample" in the designated room. He returned to my room as white as a sheet afterwards and I nearly didn't need the surgery to retrieve my eggs as i howled so much in hysterical laughter that I could have shot my eggs all over the room. He swears he never wants to mention it ever again but I can't stop giggling. I am in danger of being on the receiving end of a dead arm soon I think....

So, keep your fingers crossed for tomorrow for me and send me some "Fertilisation dust" over the internet tonight if you get a chance.

Thanks again for all your good wishes and for the Xmas cards I've had too!


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  1. Hi again Emmy. My fingers (everything, actually) are crossed.
    I found out some good news last week, so I am sending some dust over to you.
    Joanne xx