Thursday, 31 December 2009

Why am I such an idiot???

Just reach into your screens and slap me now girls.

For I am a complete idiot.

I went and bought an early response pregnancy kit, despite the recommendation of the hospital not to.

You won't believe what happened..

I bought a two pack.

The first one showed a positive result which then disappeared after half an hour.

The second one showed negative.

This means that for half an hour I was overjoyed, as was mum, dad and Tom.

I am now gutted.

I have since found out that the hormone injection I had to have 36 hours before surgery could have given a false positive.

I have also found out that you can get false negatives.

I am no further forward except that for one lovely half hour, I thought it had worked.

I cried and cried and cried outside Tesco (yup, had classily used the Tesco loo to do the test) and sobbed with utter relief that it had all seemingly worked.

I then rushed to mum's to show her the result but it had faded away.

I did another test and it was negative.

I am now in a right pickle.

Why am I such an impatient div?

To cap it all, I've started getting what i think are period type cramps.

Oh arse.


P.S Happy New Year!!!


  1. Oh Emmy, please try not to get too downhearted at this stage. I'm sure in your position many of us, me included, would have given in to the temptation of taking a test.

    Talk to Tom about how you are feeling, you may be assuming the worst. From my limited understanding I thought it was possible to have a false negative but not a false positive.

    Just a few more days to get through till you go to the hospital, and I'm sure preparations for the new school term will keep you a bit busy.

    If it helps to sound off to people you can't see or don't know, feel free to use us on here! You have a loyal band of followers & we're all rooting for you every step of the way.

    Cheryl, AKA Mrs Salsaspin

  2. Hello & Happy New Year, to you & all your family!

    Don't give yourself such a hard time... I think you did what anyone would do! It's not long until you'll get a result from the hospital & I have everything crossed for you that you'll get a lovely, big positive result. You both really deserve it. That really would be the best start to the New Year.

    Best of luck & wishes to you!

    Erin xx

    P.S. Thanks for all the great updates, it's lovely coming on here and seeing how brilliantly your doing. Not long til you find out :) x

  3. Hey!

    Haven't been on here for ages as I lost the address, but have now managed to find it again!

    Happy New Year! Sounds as though things are moving along really quickly for you and Tom... I have my fingers, toes and legs (!) crossed for you for this month, try to relax as much as you can without stressing too much - yeah right!

    Lots of love
    C xx

  4. Ack Ok heres the deal (from a pee on the stick expert)
    Yes the HCG given before retrival can give you a false positive. Mine always took 11 days to totally leave my system (yes i tested it out)
    The fact that you are 4 days away from testing may mean it picked this up but also could mean that your own is there. How long ws it between tests that you did the 2nd one. You need to really have held your pee for 4 hours!!!!.
    MY positive tests were never really really bright but when i had my blood tests done i had a huge number so te strength of colour is not something to go by. They say you should not read a test after 10 mins as it can give a false result. If you saw a clear line within 3 minutes i think you should do another.

    I have my fingers and toes crossed for you, don't feel bad about testing early. IVF has enough waiting around so cut yourself some slack.

    Sarah xxxx

  5. You are a little early but that could be a good sign. Remember you have to use first morning urine, so the second test wouldn't work this early anyway~! You might want to try another test on sunday just in case! Fingers crossed for you! Jannelle from YAYW.